The Pete O'Shea Show
Airs Monday – Friday mornings 11:00 – 12:00 pm

The Pete O’Shea Show is going to be fun, upbeat and filled with great guests who are inspiring and uplifting people in our community. I want to galvanize all of the wonderful ministries out there into one big conglomerate for those in need and do it in His Holy Name. Please reach out to me and tell me who inspires you and I’ll have them on as a guest. I want to meet the people of this area who are showing love by sharing and caring. I want to start a “Love Revolution” and have a party with you and everybody in Tampa Bay, every weekday morning at 11. Tune in, have a blast and be inspired!

Be sure to join Pete for his weekly special featured programs with….

Mondays at 11am,  ‘His Call ‘ with Jason White. His Call is a ministry dedicated to spreading the gospel and being a beacon of hope in areas where we need to work together like human trafficking, orphans and widows, evangelizing and church planting. You can e-mail Jason to learn more about this ministry and to get involved at

Mondays at 11:30am,  “Real Women Doing Real Life with Debra Evans” Debra Evans has helped a world-wide audience experience God’s gifts of mercy, healing, grace, and truth, through frequent appearances on radio, television, social media’s, and in churches worldwide. She and her husband, Rick, have established Living In Faith Inc. , a multifaceted ministry that guides people from darkness into victory through the Word of God and His healing power. What would you give for one day of Peace?  What would you exchange for a day of total Joy?  Living In Faith and Debra Evans want you to experience the freedom God intends for all His children to enjoy.

Tuesday – Original Health with Dr. Chris Hood of Hood Family Chiropractic in St. Petersburg. . Dr. Hood is on a crusade to return people to the original health that God designed for all of us. He appears weekly to educate and inspire people to become pro-active and take control of their health. In his chiropractic practice, he moves the bones, but God does the healing.

Wednesday – A House Call with Dr. Tracie Leonhardt – Dr. Leonhardt is the Medical Director at Peaks of Health Metabolic Medical Center in Largo.  Dr. Leonhardt practices functional medicine. It is a different approach to healthcare. She examines the root causes of medical issues and examines each patient thoroughly as an individual. She is the doctor you go to when no one else can figure out what is wrong with you. She utilizes cutting edge techniques and all natural solutions. She has clinics for IV therapy, thyroid, metabolism and weight loss.